The Juravit project is the direct result of the great ambition of a young professional. Thus a combined passion for languages and justice blossomed into an opportunity to create a professional company in which these personal skills could really come into their own.
Juravit stems from the desire to create a local point of reference for all those needing linguistic mediation through legal and notary type translations.

Ornella Lauria, Belgian-born but who has lived in Italy for twenty odd years now, is a French mother-tongue translator specialised in the legal field and with a clear focus on Belgian and Italian jurisdictions. She is certified by the Alliance Française to the highest level (DELF C2). 
After extensive work experience in the language field, she specialised in the legal and notary sector, becoming a freelance translator to all intents and purposes. 


Why choose Juravit?

The firm collaborates with and entrusts projects only to mother-tongue translators specialised in the field pertinent to the client’s request so as to be sure of guaranteeing top quality and professionalism.
The texts and documents are examined in advance in order to identify the style and context and thereafter translated scrupulously with absolute precision. The translator provides a faithful translation of the contents of the original document.
When swearing it, the translator accepts full liability for what they have translated, in compliance with Article 76 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 445 of 28/12/2000 on the criminal penalties that can be incurred in the event of untruthful documents and the preparation or use of false deeds.
The firm guarantees its clients that we will not disclose any sensitive data, protecting this in complete compliance with privacy and processing personal data in accordance with the GDPR - EU Regulation 2016/679.

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